VME Portable Multi-channel Supply: Joint Project Developed by iseg, mesytec and WIENER

WIENER, mesytec and iseg are presenting a new VME based, digital high-precision multi-channel read-out system for a variety of detector types as HPGE and Clover detectors, Si pixel / -strip detectors, NaI, CsI, and many others.

This is the first joint project developed by iseg, mesytec and WIENER.

All needed hardware including iseg BIAS/High Voltage supplies, mesytec Preamp-power supplies and Digitizers are fitting into the portable WIENER VME 554 chassis.

The new mesytec Digital Pulse Processors combine high precision energy and time measurement with ease of use.
All read-out is done via the WIENER VM-USB controller with list sequencer and high speed USB2 interface. The hardware package is completed by a ready-to-run multi-platform DAQ software with online monitoring capability.

More information – Download product brochure (PDF)