Switchable high end high precision AC/DC Desktop HV source-measure unit.

The new SHR series represents standalone High Precision HV labratory SMU – Source Measuring Unit – equipped with the finest iseg HV generation technology and iCS control system.

The SHR provides up to 4 HV-channels, each with an independent voltage and current control and reversible polarity.

A completely new developed flexible 6kV channel provides a maximum versatility:

With three electronically switchable HV-generation modes it can supply 4 mA up to voltages of 2 kV, 3 mA up to 4 kV or 2 mA up to 6 kV. Alternatively the SHR can be equipped with cost efficient 2kV/6mA fixed channels.

A high quality 4.3“ TFT shows detailed information and can be controlled by capacitive touch. All comprehensive features like logging, graphical display and customer specific plugins are also available by the precise jog-wheel and buttons. Read more here.

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