CANBERRA’s HPGe SAGe Well Detector Range

CANBERRA’s  HPGe SAGe well detector range has many novel features that sets it apart from similar detectors.  A few of the of the features are:

  • Blind well approaches 4p counting geometry yielding high absolute efficiency
  • Superior resolution compared to Traditional Well Detectors at both low and high energies
  • Larger well diameter (28 mm) available with the same excellent resolution as the standard (16 mm) well sizes
  • Thin lithium diffused contact inside well allows spectroscopy from 20 keV up to 10 MeV
  • Full LabSOCS™ characterization available, allowing True Coincidence Summing correction
  • Count beakers, vials, planchettes or virtually any geometry

CANBERRA’s latest range of innovative Environmental and Radiation Monitoring Systems provide a range of products to fully support your requirements.