CANBERRA Measurement and Expertise Team Wins Energy Sustainability Award

CANBERRA’s Measurement and Expertise (M&E) team and the Savannah River Solid Waste Engineering Group have won the 2014 Department of Energy Sustainability Award for “Non-Destructive Assay Waste Avoidance”. The award is for the development of a new non-destructive radionuclide assay (NDA) technique that compensates for difficult waste compositions and configurations. The technique extends the use of CANBERRA’s ISOCS calibrations and Total Measurement Uncertainty (TMU) determinations of our new and existing NDA systems to deliver several advantages over traditional calibration and TMU methods.

Application of this technique to “very difficult waste” at SRS reduced the quantity of TRU waste requiring processing, repackaging, transport and WIPP disposal; generation of secondary job control waste; and personnel radiation exposure and risks. Over $10.5 million was saved from reduced SRS waste processing operations, and additional savings resulted from avoidance of an estimated 28 additional TRUPAC shipments from SRS to WIPP and in WIPP facility operations and disposal footprint usage. This new process is WIPP-approved and is now a new tool that is available to the DOE complex to support TRU waste certification for shipment and disposal to the WIPP. Click here for more information.

This is a great example of how CANBERRA’s Measurement & Expertise team brings value to our customers’ operations. Do you face a similar challenge? Contact Nu Scientific office to learn how we can help.