Based in Australia, Nu Scientific distributes radiation monitoring
and measuring equipment across the Oceania Region.


About Nu Scientific

Based in Australia, Nu Scientific is the sole distributor for CANBERRA (part of Mirion Technologies) spectroscopy products, FAST ComTec, mesytec and iseg. Nu Scientific also represents TetracoreResponse Biomedical and WIENER, along with SARAD for Radon Thoron Monitoring Equipment.

Nu Scientific represents these companies in the Oceanic regions Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Application areas include gamma, beta and alpha detection equipment, alpha, beta and gamma spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, fluorescence decay studies, high-resolution TOF mass spectrometry, LIDAR, Laser-induced photo-electron spectrometry to analyze the electronic state of gas and solid state samples, Single molecule counting and Single photon counting.

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